Ever since Diddy linked up with the brand in 2007, Ciroc has been associated with all things premium. Ciroc is not just the best vodka, it's the vodka the best prefer. The idea of the Ciroc Boyz, a group of brand ambassadors built in the Diddy mold, was to align the brand with an ever-expanding group of hip-hop heavy hitters. Ciroc Boyz are the best at whatever they do, be that creating music or shutting down a club. 

In the video above, you get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the latest gathering of the new generation of Ciroc Boyz. The DJs, music producers and radio personalities shown here represent multiple generations of hip-hop power players. From a true O.G. like Funk Flex to future hall of famers like Enuff and Drama, the Ciroc Boyz are a sampling of hip-hop's best.

Check out the video above to hear the Boyz speak candidly about the honor of being a Ciroc Boy, and what Ciroc means to them.