Now that he's conquered the small screen and our hearts with his show Louie, Louis C.K. is ready to make a movie.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the comedian will write, direct, and star in cop movie called I'm a Cop, in which C.K. plays, well, a cop. The story goes like this: C.K. is an angsty, middle-age man (obviously) who works a volunteer police officer, living in the shadow of his mom, a retired decorated police officer. When she dies, C.K is forced into becoming "a real police officer", which is "something he never wanted to be." The plot rings true to what we know and love about C.K.—he's just gets into uncomfortable situations because he doesn't know what else to do. 

And we've seen C.K. play a cop before: on Parks and Rec when he plays that slow-talking but friendly police officer who falls for Leslie Knope, and even on his own show. The indie film will be produced by Scott Rudin, who's worked on The Social Network and No Country for Old Men. Hopefully this works out for C.K., whose last experience working on a movie, 2001's Pootie Tang, ended in him getting fired from the crew post-production.