Today on Busey being Busey, Gary Busey can't remember his several appearances on HBO's Entourage.

During an interview streamed on AOL Build to promote the Entourage movie, director and creator Doug Ellin shared a story about the eccentric actor, who played himself in episodes of the series in 2004, 2005 and 2007. 

When Busey showed up on the set of the Entourage movie recently to film a cameo, Ellin told him:

"'Gary, we're just going to do this just like we did it the last time,' and I swear to God he wasn't joking, he goes, 'What do you mean, the last time?' I go, 'The show.' 'I did the show?' And I go, 'Are you fucking with me right now?' And he wasn't. I don't think he remembered it."

So many questions! Why did Busey think he'd been invited to appear in the Entourage movie? Did he remember Ellin, or have any idea who the other people on set were. How did he even make it to the set? Did he happen to just wander in coincidentally on the day they needed him?

Kevin Connolly ("E") also chimed in with a recollection of the time Busey tried to play a game with him called "tickle and pee" on the set of the series. In case you haven't guessed, it involved Busey holding Connolly down and tickling him until he (almost) peed. 

It will be interesting to see what they do with Busey allow Busey to do in the movie. On the show he once described going on a walkabout in a briar patch and eating every berry he could see "because I thought it would be nourishment from the Earth to me." In another episode he wanted to use Johnny Drama as a canvas to paint on to "reveal his pain."

And of course there was this classic: