The 38-year-old Dustin Diamond, best known for playing Screech on Saved by the Bell, was convicted for two misdemeanors today after the actor wound up in court for stabbing a man in a bar fight last Christmas Day.

According to the Guardian, a Wisconsin jury did not find Diamond guilty of his "most serious felony charge"—that of recklessly endangering public safety.

Instead, Diamond was convicted for two less charges: carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct. The jury reached their decision just hours after Diamond testified that he never "intended to stab anyone" and was just trying to protect his finacee. From the Guardian:

Diamond, who played the character Screech on the popular 1990s show, said some people had wanted to shake his hand and pose for photos at the bar, but others were badgering him and his girlfriend, Amanda Schutz. He said he was trying to scare bar patrons in Port Washington after his girlfriend was punched in the face.

“I felt like we were being set up for antagonistic purposes,” he said.

Diamond could face nine months in prison for the concealed weapon conviction, and up to 90 days in prison for the disorderly conduct charge, according to the BBC. His financee, Amanda Schutz, could also face jail time. 

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