People do ratchet things in the name of love, sure, but this is just insane. A 23-year-old Italian woman is accused of visiting exes with her new boyfriend, 30, to try and "purge" herself of previous relationships. That would sound okay—like a High Fidelity situation or something—but the "purging" allegedly involved the woman and her new BF throwing acid on one of her exes and trying to castrate another. What the?

Martina Levato and her German boyfriend Alexander Boettcher were detained in December 2014 after Levato's 22-year-old ex-boyfriend showed up with a third-degree burns and damage to his right eye. In court, it was revealed that the new couple bought paint guns, pepper spray and "corrosive liquid" (Yeah, OK, I might suspect them too). Levato is also suspected of trying to castrate another ex-boyfriend in his car.

It gets worse. According to investigating judge, Giuseppe Gennari, the couple had planned a trip to London to attack a man who had flirted with Levato in Ibiza. The couple are also suspected of attempting to attack another man from Levato's past, who apparently was able to "dodge the acid." SMH.

People have no chill. The judge said that Levato could exact similar attacks if she is released. Finally, so far there's no word on whether Levato's remaining ex-boyfriends have gone into witness protection.