The number of women who have accused Bill Cosby of rape has now reached 41. Three new women came forward with allegations yesterday in a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred, who represents several other accusers. She held the conference because Cosby still refuses to "acknowledge and take responsibility for his conduct towards women." She says there are plans to protest his next show in Atlanta May 2. 

Janice Baker-Kinney was 24 years old in 1982 when a friend of hers invited her to a pizza party at a house owned by Harrah's casino in Reno, Nev. Cosby offered her two pills that she thought would be ok, and she woke up the next morning with a naked Cosby molesting her. He allegedly told her, "this is between you and me" and made a "shhhh" sign with his finger. 

Marcella Tate was 27 years old in 1975 when Cosby gave her a drink at Chicago's Playboy Mansion. The next thing she remembered was Cosby naked next to her in bed. 

Autumn Burns was 20 years old in 1970 when Cosby approached her at the Sahara in Las Vegas. He told her he could help her modeling and acting career and invited her to his room. She says she felt "woozy" after he gave her a glass of scotch and that he later assaulted her. 

[via Jezebel]