If you learn anything in this cruel and indifferent world, I hope you learn that What About Bob? is a great movie with plenty of Bill Murray charm for everyone and a legendary turn from former shark battler Richard Dreyfuss as the narcissistic psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin. Thankfully, I'm not alone in my convictions — and Richard Dreyfuss seems to know that more than anyone.

The Oscar-winning actor is reportedly suing The Walt Disney Company, claiming that Disney is refusing audit rights to his chosen auditor Robinson & Co. According to Variety, the lawsuit states that Disney hasn't given "any basis for its conclusion that Robinson Inc. is not a nationally recognized firm." Most interestingly, the lawsuit shines a light on the general accounting practices at studios like Disney. In the suit, Richard Dreyfuss claims that the average wait time for an audit of this nature at Disney is three years.

To paraphrase the great Dr. Leo Marvin —

"Lawsuit therapy, Bob. It's a guaranteed cure."