If you've ever had the frustrating pleasure of seeing one of Larry King's UFO-themed episodes — whether during his original CNN run or on his current Ora TV series — then you know very well just how not-so-seriously King takes the topic.  These episodes often deteriorate into a loosely structured call-and-response lead gleefully by the skeptical King finding new ways to ask "Do you believe in UFOs?" over and over again, which is (of course) a poorly worded question oddly ignoring the actual meaning of the acronym.

At any rate, the only thing that could shake up King's alien routine now would be something truly remarkable like, say, the perpetual suspenders icon kissing an alien. Thanks to the movers and shakers over at DweebCast and Oculus, we can now say that this has finally sort-of happened. DweebCast hosts Chloe Dykstra and Andy Riesmeyer invited to King to try out their Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and Tweet Master King obliged.

In addition to having a brief moment of intimacy with an alien, King was able to not enjoy a rollercoaster and taste the sweet nectar of anarchy via Grand Theft Auto.