Apple’s unveiling of its shiny new thinner and lighter gold MacBook has you itching to get your tax return to snatch one of ‘em up, admit it. But before you make a purchase, you’ll want to pay attention to the fact that might need an adapter for it that'll cost you a cool $80. 

Why you ask? In case you didn’t get the 411 on the new MacBook (or Apple Watch), the new MacBook has a USB type-C connector. It’s faster and smaller than USB. It’s  wireless. Plus it’s reversible! The problem is that there’s only one port in the MacBook, so say you want to charge your matching gold iPhone at the same time as your new MacBook, you would need an adapter.  Or  say you want to use your old janky non Type-C  devices, you would need the adapter. 

The USB Type-C is apparently where other laptops will be headed soon as well, which might be your chance to pay half of what you would pay for the Apple adapter. You must be thinking that people are already going to drop $1300 for the new MacBook so who cares about another $80? Well fam, today Apple announced the Apple TV's price just dropped to $79, so when an adapter is basically the same price as an Apple TV we're going to complain. 


[via Gizmodo]