Yesterday, we reported that Hannibal is moving to a new day this summer, and now we learn that Dr. Lecter has a new bleed-in series: Aquarius, which means that Charles Manson will be Lecter's hors d'oeuvre. Aquarius chronicles a detective's search for the Manson Family in the months prior to the Sharon Tate massacre. David Duchovny has the role of the lead detective who goes undercover trying to infiltrate Manson's circle of blood-thirsty groupies. Gethin Anthony will play Manson (Anthony played Remly in the first two seasons of Game of Thrones).

John McNamara, one of Aquarius' creators, says that the series will be just as dark and dramatic as Hannibal. He told The Hollywood Reporter that the big networks are attempting to make more cable-quality programs because the networks are tired of  “sitting at the Emmys and having to clap politely for everyone else.”  

Aquarius begins with a two-hour premiere on May 28, and the following week it will play before the season premiere of Hannibal. Remember when NBC's Must See Thursdays were a show about nothing, and Friends just being there for you? Well, Must See Thursdays just turned into Must Bleed Thursdays for NBC this summer.

If Manson wants to do the show a solid, he could just take the plunge and get married already