67 metric tons of marijuana was sold in Colorado in 2014. That's 148,238 pounds of the weed you inhale. Which is a lot. The largest recorded African elephant weighed almost 11 tons (24,000 pounds). To put that in perspective, in one year, Colorado smoked more than 6 times the size of the heaviest recorded elephant that ever walked this green earth.

While that deserves a green star, that's not all the weed they bought in the Centennial State, no sir. The initial 2014 report also states that 4.8 million marijuana edibles were sold (cookies, mac 'n cheese, etc.). But why stop there? Almost 1.5 million marijuana infused non-edible products (such as lotions, and creams) were also sold.

So much money was made off of legal marijuana sales that $30 million might go back into tax payer pockets, since there's a limit of how much the state can keep for its schools. So, all you blazin' 'em, don't forget to file your taxes. The gift that keeps on giving isn't just ole daddy greenbacks. 

Before Colorado feels a king-sized-buzz about themselves, they have a lot of catching up to do with Washington. The Evergreen State lives up to its name, as it's estimated that they smoke a median average of 175 metric tons of marijuana a year. As the second state to legalize recreational marijuana, we're looking forward to their state report.