I always say there are two things you can never have too much of: money and cheese. But apparently that isn't true, as Colorado has made so much from taxing marijuana it's going to give some guap back to the people. 

Apparently Colorado's state constitution limits how much tax revenue the state treasury can receive before it has to return some to taxpayers. In its first year of legalization the Centennial state raised an estimated $50 million from recreational marijuana. When voters passed Amendment 64 in 2012 they also approved the first $40 million in taxes to go towards school construction. According to the Rolling Stone, the total surplus will be $30 million. 

Both Republican and Democrat lawmakers from the state want repeal or limit the amendment that requires excess taxes to be returned to taxpayers. If that happens in this sticky, icky case Coloradans wouldn't be missing out on much. Each taxpayer is only set to receive a $7.63 refund from the surplus. 

[via Mic]