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Most valuable toy: 1998 Tiger Furby, Misprinted Label ($375)
Original price: $35
Selling for now: $10-$400

If your Furby packaging is lacking a misprinted label, and if your creature isn't a Kid's Cuisine Special Edition, your rarest Furbies will likely fetch somewhere between $100-$150 on the open market. If you're lucky enough to have a grammatical errors on the package of your already rare Furby, that number could shoot up as high as $500. 

Furbies that command more than a couple Benjamins are generally special editions. Here's a rundown of some of the special edition Furbies that you probably don't have. Those of you without any special edition Furbies can meditate on just how great it would be to have Elvis Furby, Hi-C Furby, or President Furby in your collection. 

In this life, you can't have it all.