Police in Norwich launched a major manhunt yesterday, including armed officers and helicopters, for what turned up to just be a kid with a plastic toy sword.

After reports of a man brandishing a machete, the police launched the operation in Mousehold Heath area of Norwich yesterday evening. But after an hour, they discovered it was just and 18-year student with a fake plastic sword. He was filming something for a college project, and the effects must have been pretty impressive as they were enough to fool police.

They only figured out it wasn’t real when his mum phoned them up to explain what was going on.

Trying to save face, Police Superintendent Stuart Gunn sent a warning to any amateur filmmakers out there. “We would kindly ask members of the public if they are planning any sort of activity or filming in a public place that may prompt concern amongst the public and, consequently, trigger any police activity, to call us in advance so that we can give suitable advice.”

[via The Guardian}