Almost a year and a half has passed since AMC consoled Breaking Bad fans with news that a spin-off centered on (arguably]) its most magnetic supporting character was in the planning stages. An official greenlight came not long after, and thus the nervous waiting period began. After all, most TV spin-offs end up being garbage or at best, mediocre cash-grabs spotlighting a character who works best in small doses in a vehicle that inevitably falls far short of the original. Was AMC greedily about to tarnish Breaking Bad's legacy while ruining our opinion of Saul Goodman in one fell swoop?

Well, we've seen the first two episodes, and while Better Call Saul doesn't quite begin on Breaking Bad level—which boasts one of the best pilot episodes of all time—thankfully, it's off to a strong enough start. Unless you've embarked on a Netflix binge recently, it's probably been awhile since you've immersed yourself in the Breaking Bad universe. So here's a handy Better Call Saul primer to get you fully prepared for what to expect from this Sunday's series premiere (10PM EST) and the debut season overall.