Music is a big part of your life. It's a big part of all of our lives. You've been listening to it since before you could talk. Your parents introduced you to it, then your own taste developed and you started making your own decisions about musicwhat genres we liked, artists we liked, songs we loved. Some of you even tried making your own, whether that was a mixtape handed out in high school or a song you made up with the only two chords you could play. To some degree, the music we listen to defines us. 

But do you have any idea how it works? Any idea how someone sings into a lump of metal and years later you can still hear exactly what they sounded like through some twisty metal stuck in your ears? No, and neither did we. But here at Complex UK we like to inform ourselves and then, even better, pass that on to you. And to understand anything you need to start from the very basics. Without those, nothing else comes.

Wanna know more about your music? Learn about what sound is. Wanna learn what sound is? Build a speaker.