“Innovation strategy” might be the greatest code name for dealing drugs in the history of the world.

Unfortunately for this sneaky husband, Steve Harvey is not so easily fooled. Much to the delight of the gathered studio audience, Harvey informed a previously-oblivious woman that her well-to-do “innovation strategist’ husband with a lot of money, a nice house, and a nice car was probably a drug dealer. Considering the man in question lacks things like an office, coworkers, or any real descriptor of his job, it’s tough to disagree with wise Mr. Harvey.

It’s a little weird that this woman was married to her husband for 20 years, but never thought to ask simple questions like “describe to me what you do,” “what did you do at work today?”, or “what is an ‘innovation strategist’?” Perhaps if she spent less time watching daytime TV and more actually speaking with her husband, Harvey wouldn’t have to solve all her problems in approximately 37 seconds.

Once again, it’s obvious that we’re all just living in Steve Harvey’s world.

[via World Star Hip Hop]