Most of us just watch the Oscars and complain about what won. But for the film industry, it can be the nastiest time of the year. Especially for biopics, where every detail gets a fine tooth comb for checking authenticity.

Right now, the Selma filmmakers are forced to defend their LBJ portrayal (against, admittedly biased former aides of LBJ). And Foxcatcher has their own subject dissociating himself entirely from the film (which, admittedly he used to think was "the greatest thing that ever happened" to him, and featured one of the greatest trio of performances ever committed to film).

An account labeled "WB Digital" that featured a Warner Brothers logo, tweeted about Warner Brothers' upcoming Clint Eastwood film, American Sniper. It proclaimed that the filmmakers got "everything right" according to the subject's widow. The WB Digial account also re-tweeted a Business Insider article that detailed Schultz's angry social media attacks on his film, with the following tweet: 

#Foxcatcher Movie Slammed As ‘Complete Fiction’ By The Olympic Wrestler Who Inspired It. ‘Everything I’ve ever said positive about the movie I take back, I hate it.

As Foxcatcher is a Sony film, some wondered if Warner Brothers was sniping their potential Oscar competition. Warner Brothers denied that the handle was associated with any official Warner Brothers' account. And today their press team revealed that WB Digital was an account that was set up and operated by a WB consultant. That individual was fired, the account was deleted. And Warner Brothers issued an apology to Sony, stating: "Warner Bros. simply does not do business that way."

[via Deadline]