Mad Men will officially end May 17. AMC announced the second half of the seventh season will premiere April 5 in conjunction with this morning's TCA panel. Star Jon Hamm, creator Matthew Weiner and others talked about the last seven episodes.

"The last seven episodes, each one of them feels like a finale,” Weiner said, and that they will "advance the story in a different way." Unlike Breaking Bad, he said that as of now there are no plans for a spinoff.

“There’s no version of this ending that is not super painful for me,” Hamm said. January Jones agreed. "The last week, I was a mess,” she said. “Anything made me cry. It’s a beautiful story. It’s perfect, in a way. I read it over and over again. Sometimes I still read it, like on a Thursday afternoon."

Elisabeth Moss said she was happy with the way Weiner ends the series. "I was surprised in the best way and just really, really happy with it," she said. Most of the cast members were actually given the script without the last ten pages at first, and Hamm found out the ending before everyone else.

"I was pleasantly surprised," Christina Hendricks said. "I thought there was no way I could be happy because it’s ending… Then, I thought that it made sense. So, I was very, very pleased."

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