“It’s good to be bad!” It's the diabolical manifesto shared amongst three of Britain’s glorified acting talents—Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong, and Tom Hiddleston—all of who stepped into villainous personas for Jaguar’s awesome TV ad. Granted the British do an awesome job of living up to the title, the art of villainy is universal and spans across all realms: fictional and non-fictional. Antiheroes are always looking for ways to enhance their evil bidding. And in most cases, they rely on the latest technological advancements to do so. Whether for personal gain or the simple pleasure of forging social chaos, prospective baddies have a variety of ultramodern devices to abet them in their reign of terror. And if they get their hands on these specific ones, well, superheroes beware. Check out these 10 Pieces of Tech We’d Like to See Utilized by Future Villains.