Verdict: Washed
When: Wednesdays at 9
Where: ABC
Why: Sure, Modern Family is a harmless enough watch—if you literally have nothing better on your DVR, forgot your Netflix password, sold your DVD player because streaming is the future, have one of those new sans-disk drive MacBooks, and are still wary on committing to Amazon Prime.

In the wake of endless Emmys and heartland adoration, MF has become the definition of inessential viewing. Season six has been good for a chuckle here, a season-one-level episode there, but Sweet Baby Cheeses is this show going through the motions. The characters have become borderline unlikable in their monotony and there's nothing modern about these jokes or this writing: You might find something less basic and safe on TV Land at this point. Then again, this week's episode is Haley's 21st birthday, so your boy will admittedly, shamelessly, be tuned in without a doubt. Sarah Hyland, whatup bae. —Frazier Tharpe

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