America: 1. North Korea: 0.

After initially caving to the demands of the Sony hackers (and thus, North Korea), Sony has reversed course and has authorized theaters to show The Interview as scheduled on Christmas Day. Alamo Drafthouse Theater founder Tim League first broke the news:

Quite honestly, this is the great victory that democracy needed. After everyone from George Clooney to President Obama criticized Sony for caving to these terrorists’ demands, Sony did the right thing and proved to the blusterous, bombastic North Koreans that we will not acquiesce to such outlandish requests. These colors don’t run.

If you are a true patriot, you’ll bring your whole family down to the local movie theater on Christmas to see this movie. Even if the jokes are lame and the movie isn’t actually that good, it’s your duty as an American.

As for North Korea? Hey, terrorists: terrorize this.

UPDATE: If your local theater isn't carrying The Interview on Christmas, never fear. The New York Daily News reports that Sony will also be making the movie available via Video On Demand, and while the timeline isn't quite clear yet, regardless of when it happens it's your duty to honor America and buy it.


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