Yesterday, Eric Garner's daughter, Emerald, visited the memorial for the two NYPD officers who were killed in Brooklyn on Saturday. Eric Garner was fatally choked by Officer Daniel Pantaleo in Staten Island in July, and a grand jury decided not to indict Pantaleo earlier this month. Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were murdered by Ismaayil Brinsley in Brooklyn on Saturday. 

Emerald Garner told ABC News that she trekked to the site to show solidarity with Ramos and Liu's families: 

I just had to come out and let their family know that we stand with them, and I’m going to send my prayers and condolences to all the families who are suffering through this tragedy, she told ABC News. I was never anti-police. Like I said before, I have family that’s in the NYPD that I’ve grown up around, family reunions and everything so my family you know, we’re not anti-police.

Referring to Brinsley's actions as a "mental health crisis," Garner noted that the killings represented the gunman lacking "the proper way to express his anger." Brinsley took his own life shortly after killing Liu and Ramos.

[via ABC News]