Author: Matt Fraction
Artist: David Aja, Various
Publisher: Marvel

Matt Fraction's Hawkeye answers the age-old question: "What does a superhero do with his days off?" Hawkeye (or Hawguy, as Fraction often calls him) is a genial, if somewhat hapless, dude who happens to be the best archer the world has ever seen. Unfortunately, he just can't seem to stop getting into trouble, even when he's not saving the planet with The Avengers. In many ways, he's just like you or me—he lives in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, cares for a one-eyed dog, and has difficulty separating his net-arrows from his bomb-arrows (well, maybe that's not a typical Sunday morning problem for you). Fraction's writing is frequently laugh-out-loud hilarious and the art is top-notch. Fraction's run may be over now, but the first three volumes of Hawkeye have already become legendary.