In today's vast world of creator-owned comics, there's a writer for just about every type of reader. But for those who crave a guy who can do a bit of everything, there's Rick Remender.

Remender's the author of Deadly Class, which dives into a high school for assassins set in the '80s; a gorgeous adventure at the bottom of a dystopian sea in Low; and Black Science, which follows Grant Mackay and his band of "dimensionauts" fending for their lives across wildly different universes. But though his palette is diverse, his acerbic wit and emotional honesty runs through each project. Maybe it's his background growing up as a punk outcast, but Remender's take-no-prisoners writing has produced some of the most honest and raw comics in the business. "I always use the analogy that the dagger in your back is not metaphorical—it’s a real dagger in your back," he says of Deadly Class. 

Today Complex has the opportunity to premiere the cover of Image's Black Science Vol. 2: Welcome, Nowhere​, that's set to drop December 24.  I chatted with Remender about his punker roots, the horrors of social media, and his upcoming comic, Tokyo GhostOh, and none of this art has been seen anywhere else before now. Cool, right? Check out artist Matteo Scalera's ​impressive cover for Black Science Vol. 2 below.

Nathan Reese is a News Editor at Complex. If you want to talk comics, he's on Twitter