Police in Maryland say a teenager's plan to kill fellow students, his parents, and himself was thwarted because he got too drunk to execute it. 

According to WBAL, 16-year-old Sash Nemphos was arrested last Saturday after his mass-shooting plot was discovered. WBAL reports that thefts of cars from Monkton, Md.'s Monkton Grill directed police to Nemphos' home, where he admitted to planning to kill his parents and students and faculty at Towson, Md.'s George Washington Carver Center for the Arts and Technology before committing suicide on Halloween: 

Police said the boy then admitted that he was going to kill his parents with the gun, then drive to the school, shoot the school's police officer, steal his gun and ammunition and then try to kill as many teachers and students as he could with it.

The boy also admitted to writing down his plans in a journal, which was recovered by police. Charging documents showed it also contained a suicide note in it.

Nemphos told police he had the gun on him at school that day, but decided against the attack because he left the bombs at home. More important, he revealed that he also consumed far too much liquor that day. 

He was ultimately charged with possession of a dangerous weapon on school property, theft, and having a destructive device. 

[via WBAL]