We've heard of Americans going to Canada for health care, but Canadians would have to be crazy to come here for treatment. Just look at what happened to this Saskatchewan couple that accidentally had their baby during a vacation in Hawaii. 

Jennifer Huculak and her husband have been hit with a $950,000 medical bill for their child's premature birth in America. Both Huculak and her daughter needed to stay in the hospital for several weeks after the baby was born more than two months early.

The couple purchased travel insurance from Blue Cross, but the company is arguing it's not responsible for the hospital costs because the pregnancy was "high-risk" and a "pre-existing condition." However, Hucalak says there was nothing "high-risk" about her pregnancy and that her previous bladder infection was unrelated. 

The family has been hit with the options of continuing to fight Blue Cross or declaring bankruptcy, but now a third is coming into the picture. Since the story broke on CTV the family has received overwhelming support and offers for donations. 

Health care in America is disheartening, but people's reactions will prevent us from becoming entirely cynical. 

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