Next Tuesday marks the midterm elections, which very few people probably know, but count on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to remind us with their live election night shows, as they have in previous years. 

This year Jon Stewart has appropriately titled his coverage “Democalypse 2014: America Remembers It Forgot to Vote” and then there’s Colbert’s ridiculously long, but also spot on, “Midterms '014: Detour to Gridlock: An Exciting Thing That I Am Totally Interested In — Wait! Don't Change The Channel. Look At This Video Of A Duckling Following A Cat Dressed Like A Shark Riding A Roomba! '014!”

The shows will have Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and The Daily Dish’s Andrew Sullivan respectively.

If you don't plan on watching for the politics then at least watch it for the sentimental value, since this will be Colbert's last election coverage for The Colbert Show, which will end with his move to the Late Show


[via The Wrap]