Kevin Barnett: Yeah, I believe if anyone wants it hard enough and they work at it, it's always possible. That's a very corny thing to say. Nah, probably not everybody—a lot of people are dorks and I’m better than them. I'm the best in the world. In the hood they call me the next Audrey Hepburn. The thing is that I kind of got into stand up ultimately wanting to do sketch and thought that's just what you were supposed to do, because that's what Chappelle did, and a lot of the guys on In Living Color. I was actually wrong, but started doing sketches with my friends in college and more stuff when I moved to NY. I will say that if I’d just done sketch classes or something I may not have had the voice that you develop in stand up, which I think is actually very helpful in making unique sketches.

Jermaine Fowler: Well, yeah. There are so many outlets for people to perform sketch, whether it's performing live at a small theater or uploading it on YouTube. There are a lot of sketch groups out there—it's just a matter of trying to stand out and be original. Coming up with a goofy name like “Oprah's Gut” could get people to notice you, too.