Catherine Zeta-Jones already played a woman right on the edge of the drug game in Traffic, now she's going full-on kingpin for a new movie based on the real-life subject of the hood-classic documentary Cocaine Cowboys

Deadline reports that Zeta-Jones is set to play Colombian cartel figure Griselda Blanco in an upcoming release titled The Godmother

Cocaine Cowboys and its sequel Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin' With the Godmother traced Blanco's hand in a 1980s cocaine distribution network that involved operations in Colombia, New York and Miami, turning that last town into a lawless hurricane of white powder, sunshine and blood, where daylight shoot outs in shopping malls became a normal occurrence. Basically, it's a lot of intense interviews with convicts who did real-life Scarface type shit. 

The real-life Blanco, whose nickname was "The Colombian Godmother," did 18 years in prison before she was released in 2004. After that she returned to Colombia where she was gunned down by assassins on motorcycles.

The real question is how is this only just now being made into a movie? 

[Via Deadline]