Startling footage shows NYPD officers throwing a pregnant woman to the ground in Brooklyn over the weekend. 

According to the New York Daily News, the video features officers slamming Sandra Amezquita​, who is five months pregnant, to the pavement in Sunset Park early Saturday morning. Amezquita and husband Ronel Lemos say the incident happened after they approached officers who were arresting their son, Jhohan. Police reportedly found the 17-year-old in possession of a knife. 

Furthermore, the video shows an officer pushing a woman identified as Amezquita's friend after throwing the pregnant woman to the ground. The Daily News adds that Amezquita suffered vaginal bleeding and bruises to her arms and stomach. She received a disorderly conduct summons, while Lemos was charged for assaulting an officer. Lemos remains disturbed by what happened. 

"I was afraid something happened to my baby," he told the Daily News. "I am still afraid that something is wrong."

The officer involved was suspended, and the NYPD said an Internal Affairs investigation is underway. 

[via New York Daily News]

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