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Yes, the trolling continues. In what Reddit and 4chan are calling the Fappening 3, more celebrities' photos and been stolen and published. Jennifer Lawrence had a whopping 55 more nude images posted. Anna Kendrick had 87 images stolen, but she's clothed in all of them, though Page Six notes that in some she's "partying away in some pretty revealing outfits" (heaven forbid). Supermodel Cara Delevigne was also hit, along with Olympic gold medalist Misty May Treanor

As we previously reported, photos were also stolen earlier this week from Lizzy CaplanJenny McCarthyAmber Heard and Rihanna. Seriously, this needs to stop. Hasn't the NSA been spying on everyone? Can't they just figure it out? Or employ a McPoyle to hack someone back? OK, maybe we've been watching to much House of Cards.

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