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A California man was arrested for allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend's dog, then, in an extremely cruel twist, serving him to her like your average meal. 

NBC news reports that the woman told police that her Pomeranian vanished following an argument she had with 34-year-old Ryan Watenpaugh. She added that they resolved things, and that he served her a "pork" meal last Saturday. The following day, things got twisted: 

The next day, “the victim received a text message from Watenpaugh asking how her dog tasted, and referenced the meal he had cooked for her," police said. A pair of severed dog’s paws was later left on her doorstep. Police are testing the remains.

Though the Palo Cedro, Calif. native admitted to leaving the paws on the woman's doorstep, but denied murdering and cooking the dog. He's been charged with animal cruelty and stalking. 

[via NBC News]

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