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It looks like there will be a Wedding Crashers reunion on the cast of True Detective.

After a whole bunch of names were tossed around for the lead female role on Season 2, it looks like Rachel McAdams is set to join Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell in the critically-acclaimed series. McAdams was seen as the frontrunner in recent weeks, but faced competition from the likes of Elisabeth Moss and Jessica Biel.

Variety is also reporting that Taylor Kitsch is looking increasingly likely to land the fourth lead role. His name has been linked with the series for quite a while, and it appears he will be playing a fellow cop along with McAdams and Farrell.

One has to assume that both McAdams and Kitsch have plenty of leather jackets already on hand, but if they don’t series creator Nic Pizzolatto should have an extra couple that he can loan them.


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