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According to The Wrap, the lead female role in the upcoming second season of True Detective has still yet to be cast, with creator Nic Pizzolatto narrowing the list down to seven final candidates.

Who are these ladies? This is the complete list who will be going through one last audition for Pizzolatto and HBO:

  • Oona Chaplin (granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, played Robb Stark’s ill-fated wife Talysa on Game of Thrones)
  • Brit Marling (lots of smaller roles, numerous writing projects)
  • Kelly Reilly (Flight, Mary Watson in the Sherlock Holmes movies)
  • Jessica Biel (needs no introduction)
  • Malin Ackerman (many movies, most recent project was ABC comedy Trophy Wife)
  • Jaimie Alexander (Sif in the Thor movies and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • Rosario Dawson (lots of range, most recently appeared in Sin City and Chris Rock’s upcoming movie Top Five)

Elisabeth Moss and Rachel McAdams may still be in the running as well, but at this point it’s pretty tough to figure out who is actually still involved and who has moved on. With filming scheduled to begin soon, though, HBO is going to have to make their choice in the very near future.

[via The Wrap]