After HBO executives promised star actors and a “more exciting” second season of True Detective, The Wrap is reporting that the network is in discussions with two very well-known actors for a pair of the four main roles this season.

Colin Farrell is currently negotiating to play the main male lead this season, an interesting choice but one that could certainly pay off. Farrell has been excellent in movies like In Bruges and Saving Mr. Banks, and even epic stinkbomb Winter’s Tale wasn’t entirely his fault.

For the second male role, Taylor Kitsch has taken the lead over Garrett Hedlund, the former having earned significant praise for his work in the HBO movie The Normal Heart and Lone Survivor. Hopefully, any True Detective performance of Kitsch’s will erase the memory of John Carter.

An HBO rep told The Wrap only that “there is no news to confirm on the casting,” but that all may be changing soon.

[via The Wrap]

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