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You've seen Denzel Washington go full-Denzel before—the intensity in his voice escalates, his chest puffs out... he's probably pointing a gun at someone. There's nothing much better than seeing Denzel go full-Denzel. Now imagine seeing it in IMAX.

Director Antoine Fuqua—who has to be given partial credit for creating the full-Denzel in Training Day—knew what would happen when he unleashed the actor with fuller expanse and resolution in The Equalizer in IMAX. In the clip above, Fuqua talks about the myriad of ways using IMAX took his and Washington's new movie—which is about an intelligence officer who comes out of retirement to unleash all sort of badassness on a group of Russian gangsters—off the charts.

Lucky for you, The Equalizer hits IMAX theaters tomorrow. So watch the clip and then go see the movie. And hope that full-Denzel never comes for you.