This official poster for Dear White People, an upcoming satire about four black students at an Ivy League College, is perfect. The Sundance-winning film shows the realities of what it's like for African-Americans living in what the delusional call a "post-racial" world. One of those realities is curious but ignorant white people wanting to touch a black person's hair, the awkwardness of which is captured in the fan-made poster.

Nikkolas Smith, an architect by day and artist by night, designed the poster after seeing Dear White People at the Los Angeles Film Fest. As a black man, he could identify with the characters, especially with the one constantly badgered by white people wanting to touch his hair. "Been there, felt that!" said Smith. "I knew if I could capture that 'gravitational pull' moment in one shot, it could be equally hilarious." Smith submitted his poster to writer-director Justin Simien, who loved it so much he chose it to promote the film ahead of its Oct. 17 release. 

Even if you don't see Dear White People when it comes out, you can (and should) learn a lesson from the poster: keep your hands to yourself. 

[via Vulture]