Address: 202 S Capitol Blvd., Boise

If you had to guess where you might find a top notch Basque bar and restaurant, you probably wouldn’t guess Boise, Idaho. But sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Bar Gernika may be a dive in terms of its size (small) and its décor (spartan), but this cozy spot attracts customers for miles (Bar Gernika has over a hundred more Yelp reviews than the next Boise bar labeled “dive”). The food at Bar Gernika is legendary, and if online reviewers are to be believed, you won’t go wrong as long as you order some kind of lamb dish. The beers are also on the high-end of divey fare, offering a variety that would please even the snobbiest of beer lovers. Odds are you don’t have much familiarity with Basque cuisine, but once you’ve been to Bar Gernika, it will likely become one of your favorites.