Address: 11155 Washington Pl, Culver City

Choosing the best dive bar in California is a difficult proposition. San Francisco’s Mission alone is home to dozens of great spots and you won’t find many lists of dive bars in Los Angeles that share more than three entries. Though the endless lights of L.A. house many amazing dives from the nautical themed H.M.S. Bounty to the best-named burlesque joint in the country, Jumbo’s Clown Room, we’re partial to the Cozy Inn. LA Weekly calls their pours “almost obscene,” and after a couple drinks at the Cozy Inn, you’ll feel like that’s an understatement. The bartenders back up their generosity with a great attitude: many Yelp reviewers know their favorite bartenders by name. For those who love diversions with their drinking, the Cozy Inn offers darts, pool, and a shuffleboard setup that is beloved citywide. As there’s not much in the way of food on the premises, hungry patrons report having no problem bringing in food from nearby restaurants. Other customers have brought their dogs and been welcomed with open … paws. No word on if you decide to eat your dog, but it seems like pretty much anything else is good to go.