Chaos continued into Sunday in Ferguson, Mo. as police reportedly opened fire on protestors without warning just after 9 p.m. local time, shooting tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowds, which included children and members of the media. The apparent unprovoked act of police aggression came shortly after a woman suffered minor gunshot injuries near the now-burned-down QuikTrip. 

An explanation for why police began advancing on protestors is yet to be provided. People who had gathered in the town for the eight night in a row since Michael Brown was shot and killed certainly had a right to be in the streets—the midnight curfew that was extended after being set on Saturday was still three hours away. 

In addition to turning on the crowd, the police have also reportedly discriminated against members of the press based on race. 

Update: Things only seem to be escalating as civilians have reportedly fired at the police. (See Update 3) Police haven't returned fire, however they have threatened members of the press and advanced into the crowd using an armored vehicle. 

Update 2: Throughout all this madness it's good to hear about a cop treating the press like human beings. Two of our staff members on the ground have nothing but kind things to say about a SWAT Captain named Todd: 

Update 3: It appears civilians didn't fire at police after all.   

Update 4: The curfew just began, and before that deadline even struck police began escorting media away from a standoff with protestors on Canfield Drive. The media was pushed back far enough so they couldn't view what happened.