Don't you hate it when your girlfriend dies, comes back to life, but then starts developing more and more zombie-like tendencies? No? This has never happened to you?

Well, it happens in Life After Beth, starring Aubrey Plaza as said girlfriend-turned-zombie and Dane DeHaan as the boyfriend dealing with it all. Dane's character is in a bit of quandary—the girl he loves is back but, you know... she's a zombie. Not sure if you could tell, but Life After Beth is a comedy of the darker variety. 

And I guess I should explain the poster above. That stove strapped to Plaza's back? It was supposed to prevent her from eating people. Unfortunately in her passing Plaza's character also developed super-human strength. But, love?

Life After Beth is opened in theaters in New York City and Los Angeles now. As a bonus for those in Hollywood, Aubrey Plaza and writer/director Jeff Baena will be taking part in Q&As after the 7:30 p.m. showing on Friday and Saturday at The Arclight. 

We hear if Plaza sees you coming out of a different movie, she will eat you. Not kidding.