TheEternalSushi, a mash-up artist found on YouTube, has taken every theme song from every Rainbow Road of every Mario Kart game and thrown them together in a sickly stew of multi-colored flavors.

In TheEternalSushi's own words, "TASTE THE RAINBOW ACROSS THE SKY. YEAAAAH SO INTENSE!" Really, honestly, truly could not have put it better myself. This song is perfect for the next time you want to candy-flip while sky-diving off Mt. Everest during a brilliant, kaleidoscopic sunset. It is a borderline transcendent track that re-inspires the hypnotic trance state Rainbow Road is notorious for inducing. 

Rainbow Road has been a mainstay for the Mario Kart series since the franchise's first appearance on the SNES. While frustrating and difficult, the course has come to define the careful blend of childlike innocence and insanity that Mario Kart has perfected over the years. 

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[via A.V. Club]