Fans of Kate Lyn Sheil rejoice. The actress, most recently seen in Netflix's political drama House of Cards, where she plays Lisa Williams, has just been cast in Equals alongside Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult

The film centers on a love story between Stewart and Hoult who belong to a futuristic society where humans don't feel emotions. These new humans, called Equals, fall from grace once a a disease begins to spread and activate the emotions of its victims. Victims are then banished, never to be seen again. 

Hoult will be playing Silas, who becomes infected and banished, only to then meet Nia, played by Stewart, who's also infected. Sheil will be playing Kate, co-worker to Silas and Nia. 

Equals, which will be shooting in Japan and Singapore, is set to commence shooting in August. 

[via Deadline]