A Florida couple was arrested after a witness shared video of them having sex, totally unconcerned with the public on a beach. 

According to Tampa Bay's Fox 13, a crowd consisting of dozens gathered on Bradenton Beach to watch Jose "Benny" Caballero and Elissa Alvarez shamelessly ravage each other on Sunday afternoon. Caballero and Alvarez reportedly purified themselves in the water, then took a nap so long it prompted the disgusted crowd to suspect they were dead. Then, like machines, they resumed with the reckless public fornication. 

An enraged parent contacted authorities, who took the exhibitionists into custody, charging them with lewd and lascivious behavior. A woman who watched the spectaclea grandmother, to be exactshared the video with police. Fox 13 adds that Caballero got "mouthy" with officers, because, right or wrong, no one enjoys being cock-blocked. Regardless, do better, Florida. Do better.

[via Fox 13]

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