As George Costanza once said when he saw the thumbs, the clapping and the little kicks involved in Elaine busting a move, "Sweet, fancy Moses!"

To honor the 25th anniversary of Seinfeld, the Brooklyn Cylcones minor league baseball team hosted a Seinfeld Night, including, in descending order of greatness: 

A dance contest featuring a bunch of Elaines (and also apparently hosted by, I don't know, the Mattress King?)


An appearance by the actor who played "The Soup Nazi," Larry Thomas. Look at this photo: 25 years later and still making people's dreams come true:




The entire team, including mascot, dressed in puffy shirts





A Keith Hernandez "magic loogie" bobblehead, which bears an uncanny resemblance to Hernandez when he made his cameo on the show:



An appearance by "the Real Kramer," Kenny Kramer, Seinfeld's real-life former neighbor who Cosmo Kramer was based on. He may have been selling "Assman" license plates:

The team also gave free admission to anyone named George Costanza who could prove they had worked in the latex industry, although we're not sure if anyone cashed in, or if they extended the offer to importer exporters, architects or marine biologists named Art Vandelay. 

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