A determined group from Britain managed to visit every single subway stop in New York City in a little over 22 hours. That's 468 stops, and, yes, that's a new Guinness World Record

According to Gothamist, the mission was organized by Glen Bryant, 26, and five others: Martin Hazel, Andi James, Adham Fisher, Steve Wilson, and Peter Smyth. They set the record of 22 hours, 26 minutes, and two seconds back on Nov. 18 and 19, and the record was recently confirmed. Because they're just that adventurous, they did the Staten Island Railway, as well. 

Gothamist adds that this breaks the previous record of 22 hours and 52 minutes, set back in 2009 by a New York duo.

UPDATE: City Guide spoke to Adham Fisher, who explained that the group had previously made a stab at the Guinness World Record in London. "New York is the only other place with a Guinness Record of this type," he said, "so we wanted to try it out. Martin Hazel, Andi James and Steve Wilson are former holders of the London record and thus the first people to achieve this on both sides of the Atlantic."

Furthermore, noting that Smyth was the "master of strategy," Fisher explained what motivatd them to get up close and personal with the city's subway system: 

Well, it is interesting how some of the large Manhattan stations have shops and cashpoints within fare control, so people can hang around those areas if they wish; eat, drink, be social. Though many commuters, like in other cities, tend to be going from A to B and want to do so efficiently, not spending more time in the subway than necessary. I know about the large arts scene within the subway. I saw NYC Subway Girl play a set at Times Square station, but that wasn't during morning rush hour...

[via Gothamist]

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