Almost from the very beginning it has been a race to the bottom for internet service providers. While actual utilities like electricity and water can be boiled down to a cost per unit, the name of the game in the Internet is artificial scarcity. The entire business model of wireless Internet is about throttling service to create tiers and make more money. As you likely well know, this is a business where the industry leaders are known to do whatever they can to pinch a penny, where survival is all about finding a way to reduce the cost of doing business rather than improving service.

Soon enough, the behemoth ISPs will have purchased enough lobbyists to end net neutrality. Though we thank John Oliver for finally getting people to care about it, it is probably too little too late. FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is a former cable industry lobbyist for god's sake. Why did Obama allow this conflict of interest, or as Mr. Oliver put it “the equivalent of needing a babysitter and hiring a dingo?” Wheeler raised at least half a million dollars for Obama’s re-election campaign. So, when net neutrality ends, you can at least feel good knowing that our President takes care of those who do him favors.

Though it seems likely that eventually the nation’s ISPs will be one cold, uncaring monster who would make the White Walkers look sympathetic, in the meantime, we can celebrate how terrible things already are. The nation’s major internet companies are pretty terrible; you already knew that. Let’s take a look at just how terrible they are find out which of them is the most terrible. Let’s dig into the business practices, employee relations, and customer service of the big ISPs: Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T, and Verizon, and find out once and for all Which ISP is the Worst?

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