A man who dresses up as Spider-Man and poses for pictures in Times Square is currently on trial after a woman accused him of assaulting her last year. The web-slinger alleges that he was simply defending himself after being hit with a brick of ice.

The New York Times reports that 36-year-old Philip Williams told the court yesterday that Victoria Goreaciuc, 46, hit him in the head with a block of ice in Feb. 2013. This came after Williams posed for pictures with Goreaciuc's children, ages 5 and 7. Williams asked for a tip, and when Goreaciuc told him she didn't have any money, he cursed at her. 

After originally deciding to leave, Goreaciuc filed a report and came back to Times Square with her husband, who Williams claims attacked him after Goreaciuc hit with the block of ice. She says Williams then struck her in the face and ran off.

The trial's most shocking revelation is that Goreaciuc was able to identify him by the stench of his suit alone. According to the Times

A few minutes later, she said she recognized the odor of his costume as she took it from a plastic evidence bag. “I recognize the smell from when the children hugged him,” she said.

If convicted, Williams faces a maximum of 90 days in jail. 

[via New York Times and New York Post]

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