Most of the free agents have found homes, and the 2014 NFL Draft is safely behind us. While teams still need to finalize their 53-man rosters, the core pieces of every team are already set. A lot can still change between now and the start of the season, but we at least have a good idea of what to expect from most teams.

On top of that, the release date for Madden 15 is fast approaching, and as more and more gameplay trailers and screenshots start to see the light of day, EA Sports' premiere franchise is all that we can think about. So, with football on our minds, we decided to try our hand at Ranking the 15 Best NFL Teams for "Madden 15". Who will be the powerhouse club in this year's edition? We do our best to answer that question. Keep in mind that these rankings aren’t necessarily reflective of how they may perform in real life. Success on the field doesn’t always translate to success on the virtual gridiron.

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